Our Story

Professional and Expert Building & Maintenance Contractors

At 901 Facilities, we pride ourselves on knowing people and establishing community standards. We are a family-owned company and we want to help our community by creating positive change as well offering affordable products and services for our building construction and maintenance services. As your trusted and local renovation contractor, we have made a commitment to offer high-quality, sustainable solutions for commercial, multi-family, and condominium properties.

Our Core Values

Trusted Advisor

To provide high quality, comprehensive, reliable, and cost effective solutions.

Flexible Schedule

We like our customers to feel like they can reach us anytime of the day!

Affordable Package

We offer cost effective solutions for projects of any size!

Quality Professionals

Because we take pride in our work, we only hire the best for the job!


You can rest assured knowing that we take great care with all of our services. We are OSHA certified, and ready to serve our clients with top-quality performance and safety! Only the best for our 901 Facilities!

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